Leuchter "Waves" (versilbert) - Sonja Quandt
Leuchter "Waves" (versilbert) - Sonja Quandt
Leuchter "Waves" (versilbert) - Sonja Quandt
Chandelier "Waves" (silver plated)

Chandelier "Waves" (silver plated)

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160 Jahre Historie & höchste Qualität
Handmade in Germany
exclusively silver-plated

With this beautiful silver-plated chandelier you have something very special. The hand-hammered surface combined with a rectilinear shape causes a sensation everywhere and lets light reflect beautifully. In three different heights (11 cm, 13 cm and 17 cm), high quality silver plated, or pure 925 sterling silver, this elegant silver candlestick offers you daily pleasure. The foot of the chandelier is filled and thus increases the stability. Under the foot is a base plate with a felt surface, which guarantees a scratch-free stand even on delicate surfaces.

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