Kinderlöffel "Avantgarde" (versilbert) - Sonja Quandt

Children's spoon "Avantgarde" (silver plated)

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160 Jahre Historie & höchste Qualität
Handmade in Germany
exclusively silver-plated
Dishwasher safe

Handmade in Germany children's spoon in a high quality 150g silver plating, or 925 sterling silver. Whether for baptism, birth or as a birthday gift, this children's spoon offers the perfect gift for boys and girls. The antibacterial properties of silver make it not only a high quality gift, but also one that promotes good health. Thanks to its simple shape, the spoon can also be used later as a yoghurt spoon or coffee spoon and matches various cutlery models. With an individual engraving, you give the silver spoon a very personal touch.

It is possible to personalise the spoon with a custom engraving, giving this wonderful gift a very personal touch.

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