Spring decoration for Easter

We set the table together after Lent and celebrate a great feast with our families and friends. Many have given up chocolate, meat or even carbohydrates in the time before Easter.

But where does this tradition come from? History records that Jesus celebrated with all of his disciples on the Thursday before he died. They sat, it is said, at a large table and all ate together. This tradition continues to this day, and even though we have not fasted, we all celebrate Easter together. We prepare elaborate dishes for our loved ones. We set the table beautifully, which makes our food, prepared with love, stand out.

In the following, you will find 5 simple tips on how you can decorate your festive table quickly and easily in a spring and Easter style. All 5 senses of your guests will be spoiled with the decoration and your good food, so that the feast, from the otherwise so stressful and gray everyday life stands out and an exuberant mood prevails.

  1. Cover the place with fine crockery and beautiful cutlery. Here, the sense of touch is stimulated with the silver cutlery "Waves", whose sparkling surface is uneven due to the hammer blow.
  2. Put a bouquet of flowers on the table. The fresh scent of flowers stimulates the sense of smell and we associate this scent with spring.
  3. Place candles or lanterns, for example by Sonja Quandt "Spring" by Sonja Quandt on the table. The glow of the candles envelops the entire room in an enchanting light and so our eyes perceive the mood of the celebration.
  4. Put the wine or champagne in a Wine or champagne cooler from the Sonja Quandt collection. As soon as you open the champagne, you hear the pop of the cork. This sound often reminds you of glittering parties.
  5. Use our beautiful silver goblets "Enjoy" to serve the champagne. Decants the red wine in the carafe "Antoine" so that it can develop its full aroma. This will make the noble drinks taste even finer and round off your lovingly cooked menu.

How the five tips look in detail, you will find in the following section:

  1. Setting the table with fine tableware and cutlery
    Cover the table with your favourite china. You can use the "xtagstartza href="https://eu6sp2j541lgi2i9-28975005784.shopifypreview.com/collections/besteck/products/besteckkassette-24-teilig-waves" title="Silberbesteck "Waves"">Waves" silver cutlery , here you will find different vases for every taste. If you want to arrange many small bouquets or flower arrangements on the table, I have a little xtagstartzstrong>tip from my own living room for

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