Silver care - a brilliant story

The sponge Fridolin Quandtus and his friends the glove Peter Schwab and the cloth Miss Sku have a common mission: They want to make the world shine again and put a smile on people's faces. People are often sad because their silver treasures have dark, black spots. They try scrubbing, hand soap, and even vinegar. But nothing helps, the stains remain. That's why the friends decide to help people with their superpowers. So they go into battle together to defeat the dark spots.


Care glove - Peter Schwab

The Peter Schwab glove develops his super strength with the help of a human hand. He polishes away every stain in no time. His secret trick is that Peter Schwab 's hand has a good grip, so everything can be polished very easily. Peter Schwab has another superpower: He not only protects people's silver treasures, but also people's hands from moisture and dirt.

Care cloth - Miss Sku

The Miss Sku cloth removes stubborn stains from silver treasures. She doesn't need any water or other aids to develop her super strength. Sku creates friction along with human hands; The spots don't like that and disappear quickly.

Care sponge - Fridolin Quandtus

The Fridolin Quandtus sponge comes to the rescue when the stains offer strong resistance. Together with soap and water, it conjures up a miracle foam. The miracle foam removes even the most stubborn stains.

Tips from 3 friends to prevent dark spots

1. Frequent use

Don't just take your silver cutlery or other silver treasures out of the cupboard on special occasions. Long storage times can cause the cutlery to tarnish. Daily use of cutlery is the best protection against discoloration.

2. Dishwasher safe

Most silver or silver-plated products from Sonja Quandt are dishwasher safe. However, you should wash used cutlery as soon as possible, as food residues such as salt and acid can attack the silver.

3. Don't wait too long

When the first discolorations appear, you should not wait too long before using the care products, as they can easily be removed. The darker and longer the stains on the silver, the more difficult they are to remove. If our three superheroes can no longer help, please send us your silver treasure and we will make it shine again.