Jugs and carafes


Teapot made of 925 Sterling Silver

Elegance made of high-quality silver plating or pure 925 sterling silver - our teapots are a very special eye-catcher of every tea service. Enjoy your tea in the style of the Queen with the noble "Queen Anne" ornaments, which were already developed in 1870. The fine elements of the silver teapots lend every place setting the appropriate elegant charm. A quart of tea deliciousness can be prepared in the historically inspired teapot for a relaxing afternoon.

Silver teapots for your table setting

Brilliant subtleties in the form of a silver pot make your place setting an elegant eye-catcher. In the Queen Anne design, the teapots with high-quality silver plating or made of pure 925 sterling silver impress every guest. The mixture of radiant luxury and fine decorative elements integrates itself elegantly and discreetly into the picture of your laid table.

Crystal carafe with silver mount

A fusion of crystal and silver, united to pure perfection, is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at any occasion. Our variety of crystal carafes with silver mount ings offers an individual choice of elegant containers for special moments. Be inspired by the classic carafe "Tavola", by good wine from the decanter "Rene" or the unique presentation of your noble drop by the whiskey carafe "Hirsch". Our crystal carafes establish themselves as unique eye-catchers with their brilliant elements. There is hardly a more elegant way than serving your favourite drink from our decanters and carafes.