Individual engravings in silver and glass

Individual engravings make every preciousness a very personal and unique piece.

You can have most of our 925 sterling silver and premium silver-plated products engraved. Engravings on glass are also possible.

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Create your own individual product with an engraving according to your wishes. Whether a name, a dear saying, a special date or place, an engraving makes each of our products to something valuable personal. Special memories in the form of a monogram, a family crest, a logo, an industrial sign or even your signature in facsimile can also be engraved by hand by our engravers.

You can choose between 7 different fonts for an engraving.
You can freely determine the placement of your engraving on the product. For a mug, for example, you can have something engraved on the bottom or on the side.

The engravings are carefully and precisely done by hand by our engravers.

You wish an individual engraving? Please contact us! On request we will send you the price for your engraving.

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