Leuchter 5-lichtig "Barock" (925 Sterling Silber) - Sonja Quandt
Leuchter 5-lichtig "Barock" (925 Sterling Silber) - Sonja Quandt

Chandelier 5-light "Baroque" (925 Sterling Silver)

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160 Jahre Historie & höchste Qualität
Handmade in Germany
925 sterling silver of highest quality

Beautiful German-made five-arm chandelier, made of pure 925 sterling silver. Its removable crown makes it a unique object, as you can use it as both a five-flame and a single-flame candlestick (only the base fitted with a candle). With a height of 43 cm, it decorates any festive table and brings a special atmosphere to any room with its playful, intricate, baroque design. Under the foot is a base plate with a felt surface to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces.

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