Memories for a lifetime with Sonja Quandt's gift ideas

It is the most beautiful day for parents-to-be when their little son or daughter sees the light of day. Nine months of waiting, hope and perhaps also fear that everything will go well during pregnancy and birth lie behind the parents. Often, however, not only the parents but also family and friends are nervous and wait full of anticipation for the little miracle. All the worries of the parents are forgotten on the day of birth, when the baby shows its first cry or smile. It is the moment that parents will never forget, even as the child grows older. Family and friends usually don't greet the infant until a few days later, but the magic of the new citizen of honor remains and makes everyone's hearts beat faster.

It has long been a tradition for family and friends to bring a gift to the birth of the newborn to welcome the baby into life with much love. The gifts can be useful for parents, such as diapers. However, many also like to choose a gift that the child will be able to use for a long time to come or that is associated with traditions and customs. Here we show you five beautiful gift ideas that you can also have individually engraved. With these gifts, you will give him or her an incomparably beautiful and long-lasting memory of you as a special person in his or her life.

Birth silver spoon

The spoon is supposed to symbolize the prosperity and social status for life's journey. But also that, the newborn child will have plenty to eat throughout his life. Tradition says that the Silver Spoon will accompany the child throughout its life and should be eaten by the child every day. In addition, the silver spoon with its antibacterial effect, protects the child from many viruses and thus ensures a healthy future. In our Sonja Quandt Shop you will find the simple "avant-garde" spoon suitable for boys and girls. Have the name and or the date of birth of the child engraved. This way there is no danger of confusion and the spoon becomes something very personal.

  • Silver spoon stands for prosperity and abundant food
  • Antibacterial effect ensures good health

Children's cutlery

The story goes that for the birth and the next birthdays further silver pieces are to be given away. With these the child should receive enough wealth until its wedding and have a happy future with its life father. Today many give away directly to the birth a Children's cutlery set consisting of a knife, fork and spoon. The sustainability and the antibacterial effect of silver ensure a lifetime of joy and health. A particularly beautiful cutlery set for children is the model "Teddy" from the Sonja Quandt Shop.

Kinderbesteck "Avantgarde" und Breitelle und Kinderbecher mit Griff "Henry"

Here a small teddy is engraved on each piece. You can also have a name and or date of birth engraved on the back.

  • Silver cutlery as wealth
  • Antibacterial effect and sustainability for lifelong joy
  • Teddy motif especially beautiful for children

Child´s dish

To complement the children's cutlery set, it is also customary to give a set of dishes to the baby so that future meals can be eaten easily. There are always little mishaps in everyday life, so sustainable and indestructible materials should be selected, such as the plate. Here the silver plated child´s dish from the Sonja Quandt Shop. Dents can be easily removed from the silver. Also here is a special advantage over other materials the antibacterial effect. Later this can be used as a bowl for fruit etc.

  • Sustainable and indestructible
  • Can be used later as a fruit bowl

Tooth hair box

The first cut lock of hair from a baby is something very special for parents. This is very often kept as a keepsake and is said to bring the children luck for their future. According to the story, the first milk tooth that falls out is also supposed to give the child special luck and blessings.

Zahndose "Teddy"

Many parents keep these treasures in a small tin. Here is particularly beautiful the tooth box "Teddy" from the Sonja Quandt Shop. The name of the childcan be engraved on the bottom of the box so that there is no danger of confusion. On the lid is also engraved a small teddy and thus the box would be a nice addition to the children's cutlery "Teddy".

  • First curl and tooth stored in a beautiful box

Money bank

A popular gift is the money bank for the birth. If you want to give money for the birth, it is especially charming to do so in connection with the money bank. This symbolizes that children will be raised to be frugal from the beginning of their lives. Also, a nice thought is that the child is saving up for something significant for themselves and putting every penny into the money bank they give.

When they have saved up all the money and can buy their long awaited dream, they will think of you again. This way they will be remembered for the rest of their life. You can also have a custom engraving done on this silver product. Take a look at the Sonja Quandt Shop. Here you will find the beautiful money bank "Penny".

  • Give away money with a money bank
  • Encourages saving
  • Remembers for a long time

In many cultures it is a tradition to celebrate a baptism with family and friends. It is a Christian rite that has been around since New Testament times. The conduct and meaning of baptism varies among denominations. However, there is one commonality on this day, the new honorary citizen is the focus of the day and is given lavish gifts by the relatives and friends. We present you three beautiful gift ideas especially for the baptism.

Children's rattle

A Children's rattle made of silver in the shape of a fish. Fish always swim in water and usually together with other fish. This symbolizes that one is not alone and is in good hands in a community. In addition, the silver here again provides an antibacterial effect and thus protects the child.

Why not have the name of the child to be baptised engraved on the fish? If you do not want to choose a Christian symbol as a rattle, look in the Sonja Quandt Shop, there you will also find other cute animal rattles, such as an elephant or a cat.

  • Fish in the Christian faith stands for never being alone
  • Other beautiful animals as rattles in the Sonja Quandt Shop

Christening candle

It accompanies the baptized person on his way of life and should illuminate this way. During the ceremony the parents or the godparents light the baptismal candle at the Easter candle on the altar.

Every year on his or her birthday, this candle is lit and so he or she is always reminded of the godparents. So that the candle can burn for a long time we recommend the Baptismal candlestick "Welcome" in silver-plated or 925 silver. This brings additional shine into the life of the child and sparkles beautifully in the candlelight, just like the eyes of your child.

  • Ceremony during the baptism
  • Baptismal candle with candlestick illuminates the path of life

Christening cup

The silver baptismal cups is a popular gift from the godparents to accompany the child throughout life. The vessel symbolizes purity and innocence.

It is a reference to the purifying and life-giving meaning of water. According to tradition, this water means the water during the baptismal ceremony. Take a look at the Sonja Quandt Shop where you will find a selection of different baptismal cups either with handle e.g. "Henry" or without henke "Cinderella". Also the engraving of motto, name or initials of the baptized are common. Let our colleagues advise you.

  • Silver christening cup is a gift from the godparents
  • Christening cup as a symbol of purity and innocence

Give something with meaning as a gift for birth and or baptism. They remain long with these gift ideas in memory of the new child. But the most important thing is that you give a lot of love to the baby, because this is what it needs most. So that we all live in a happy and content future.

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