A romantic evening for two at home

7 tips for the perfect realization

Are work and everyday stress causing you not to have a romantic date with your partner for a long time? Now it's autumn too and you can't organise an outdoor picnic or a romantic boat trip. Rain and cold would rather end an outdoor date very quickly. But what should you do now? The solution - a romantic dinner at your home. But how do you arrange a romantic dinner? We give you helpful tips to make your date with your partner something special and extraordinary.

For a romantic evening for two, keep these 7 basic things in mind:

  1. Plan the right time, which also means arranging a babysitter, for example.
  2. Choose a meal and drinks that your counterpart will also enjoy.
  3. Remove all distracting noises, so don't have the washing machine running in the background.
  4. Choose your right outfit to match your romantic evening.
  5. Make sure the room temperature is comfortable and suitable for your partner. Remember, women often freeze faster than men and this can quickly become a mood killer.
  6. Create the right lighting conditions - it is best not to choose a light that is too bright.
  7. Organise the right decorations for both the table and the bedroom, this is where it's supposed to go on after all.

We'll show you what's behind each point and what tricks you can use to get everything right!

1. choose the right time

You can find the right time by taking a look at your and your date's schedule. You should not choose a date on which there are already a total of many dates, because you can already be very stressed here. Possibly, one of the two will then also not make it to the date on time. The evening will also be very stressed if the partner must constantly look at the clock, whether, for example, the children must be picked up by the babysitter or the partner has an important appointment the next morning. Take enough time for the evening, but also for the preparation. After all, you want it to be a success and to be remembered.

  • Not too many appointments during the day
  • Do not have a follow-up appointment
  • Enough time to prepare

2. choosing the right food and drinks

It is important to choose a tasty menu, this is where the focus is after all. When choosing food and drinks, consider your date's preferences and not just your own tastes. If you can cook yourself, this is usually always a nice surprise. However, do not cook anything that you have not tried before. After all, you yourself don't want to break a sweat preparing it, and most importantly, you want it to taste good. If you don 't have any cooking skills, feel free to order something - but not from a fast food restaurant. Many better restaurants also offer takeaway food, here you just have to call ahead and order.

It also depends on the number of courses. A 7-course meal is clearly too long, as you will then only be busy eating. Also, the constant serving of the courses, the emerging conversation at the table can massively disturb or leads to the fact that you sit at the table at the end completely satiated and fatigue spreads.

A 3-course meal, for example, is perfectly adequate. Serve the appetizer with your aperitif so that you don't get your guest drunk straight away. For example, it can be small canapés and a glass of champagne. You can serve this in the beautiful silver champagne bowl "Passion" or the champagne goblet "Flash" from the Sonja Quandt "Waves" collection . This glass brings a special sparkle to the dinner. The candlelight sparkles on the hammered surface and creates a sparkling atmosphere.

You should have prepared the main course as much as possible so that you don't leave your guest alone for too long. After all, you don't want her or him to be bored. Serve something simple on beautiful plates. With the silver cutlery "Waves" from the Sonja Quandt Shop every simple dish becomes something extraordinary. Dessert can be served immediately afterwards or at a later time, possibly in the bedroom. For this reason, it should be something light and easy to serve. For example, it could be a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the silver bowl "Ocean" from the Sonja Quandt Shop. Here you enchant the ice cream with some fruit in the bowl to a tasty dessert.

Beautiful tableware and silver accesscoirs bring a special glamour to your atmosphere - no matter if you cooked yourself or ordered a meal.

  • The right choice of food
  • Cook yourself or order from a better restaurant
  • 7 course menu is too long and may make you tired
  • 3 course menu served with silver cutlery Waves and the champagne goblet "Flash" creates a sparkling atmosphere

3. remove all distracting noises

You create a pleasant mood by turning off all distracting noises such as the washing machine, etc. This also includes putting your smartphone on "mute", this in particular can otherwise become a mood killer. Instead, provide pleasant background music, but be careful not to turn it up too loud. Again, be sensitive to your date's tastes. Music enhances the prevailing mood and can make all parties relax.

  • Remove distracting noises
  • Put on mood music
  • Choose the right volume

4. choice of outfit

Choose something special for the dinner. Above all, it should be clean and intact clothes. Be sure to wear something you feel comfortable and attractive in. This will make you look confident. Your counterpart will always notice if you don't feel comfortable in your own style of dress. However, the outfit should not be too provocative, as you want to build up a certain tension throughout the evening. With a too provocative dress style you might have already arrived at the end of the evening and your efforts with the dinner were in vain.

  • Clean clothes
  • The outfit should not be too provocative
  • It is important that you feel comfortable

5. room temperature

A woman often does not feel comfortable in a room that is too cold and she will freeze. This does not contribute to the desired mood. After all, you want to create a hot and electrifying atmosphere. However, don't make it too warm either, so that your guest has to undress straight away - then they may feel a little too crowded.

  • Turn on the heating
  • Pleasant temperature
  • Cool room creates a cool atmosphere

6. correct lighting conditions

The lighting at your dinner is especially important. You should definitely not use fluorescent lights or turn on too many lamps. Instead, use lots of candles. These emit warm light and create a special atmosphere. For example, you can place the silver candlesticks "Waves" from the Sonja Quandt online shop on the table. Use different sizes and distribute them on the table, but also in the room. Through various small light sources throughout the room, the room looks sufficiently bright and at the same time it creates a beautiful mood. The light from the candles in the "Waves" candlestick is then reflected in the silver cutlery and on the champagne goblets like the moon on the sea. The candlelight on the hammered surface of the silver products looks like the glitter of waves on the ocean. This creates quite an enchanting mood and the guest feels a bit like they are in another world.

  • Many candles instead of neon lights
  • Scatter candles on the table and around the room
  • Candlesticks made of silver enchant the world
  • Reflections of light on the silver bring glamour into the room

7. decoration of the table and the bedroom

The table or living room table should be stylishly decorated. However, be careful not to put too many different decorative elements. It should already look uniform. Use nice napkins that match the decorations. You can also use Silver napkin rings from the "Waves" collection as a highlight on the table. Put some flowers there as well. Just make sure the flowers are the right size (not too tall) so you can still look at each other while you're talking.

Also remember to decorate the bedroom, after all, this is where the evening should end. Chill a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne in the champagne cooler from the Waves collection. In the cooler you can also put a few flowers. This is modern and looks romantic at the same time. You can also put two more champagne glasses in addition, in case you want to have another drink.

  • Stick to one style of decoration
  • Silver products add sparkle
  • Flowers lend a special flair and provide a pleasant scent.

If you implement all these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your romantic dinner at home. Let the magic of romance seduce you and your date. The shine of silver products will create a very special romantic mood, where everyday life is forgotten and you can focus only on the two of you.

Need advice on setting your table for a special occasion? We will be happy to advise you!

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