Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is the day of love. It has been celebrated for centuries. History tells us that this day is actually a day of remembrance for the bishop Valentine of Terni. He is said to have given flowers from his own flower garden to passing lovers. Today it is often difficult for us to find the right gift for our loved ones with which we want to express our love. Flowers or chocolates are often considered not romantic enough or boring.

Let the gift ideas here inspire you and give away lots of love.

Silver bookmarks with personal words

In the past, Bishop Valentine of Terni wrote poetry as a token of his love. Today, poems may not be so fashionable, but I'm sure your loved ones will be very happy to receive a few kind words from you. Maybe write a poem or a short story yourself.

But you can also give a nice book as a present and maybe just read it to your loved ones. You can also give away a bookmark made of silver or silver-plated. With this bookmark you will always know where you have just been, in case you should be interrupted for unexpected reasons. The bookmark "Fairytale "Heart" are also particularly suitable for engraving< strong>.="" here="" you="" can="" immortalize="" your="" own="" words="" and="" the="" recipient="" will="" always="" be="" reminded="" of="" with="" a="" heartbeat<="" strong>.<="" p>=""

<="" xtagstartzp>bookmark"heart<="" a>"="" and"Fairytale

This gift idea is a bit unusual but also very romantic. Especially in a time of digitalization, read aloud word and the bookmark are something that you will not forget.

  • Reading from your favourite book
  • Have a bookmark engraved with personal words

Silver keychain

Another very personal gift idea is a key chain in the shape of a heart or two intertwined hearts with your initials. You are symbolically giving away the key to your heart, which is a great gesture and proves your strong love for each other. The silver heart pendant adds even more meaning. Have a look around the Sonja Quandt Online Shop, you will surely find the right pendant. If you don't want to choose a heart as a key chain for your loved one, you can also have the key chain "Rondo" engraved with your initials or with the magic three words "I love you".

"Heart" and "Rondo" key chains

This gift proves your strong love for each other. The recipient can use this gift every day when he or she unlocks the door to become aware of his or her deep feelings for you.

  • Key to the heart
  • Key chain heart of silver

Champagne glasses as a last minute gift

For late deciding gift givers I recommend the beautiful champagne glasses "Heart" from the Sonja Quandt collection. A bottle of Prosecco with the glasses, some romantic music and maybe a few candles are sometimes enough as a gesture. Just enjoy the time together, after all it's about your love.

champagne glasses "Heart"

If you want even more romance, take a look at the Sonja Quandt Outlet area where you can find beautiful tealight holders. For example you can find the silver plated tea light candle holder "Moonlight" but also other beautiful tea light candle holders made of sterling silver. If you prefer candleholders on the coffee table, then you can simply look around in the product area "candlesticks" in the Sonja Quandt Online Shop. Here you will surely find something that you like, whether classic or modern shapes.

  • Bottle Prosecco and champagne glasses "Heart"
  • Tealight holders and music for the romantic mood

The classic red roses

Many don't know why we give flowers on Valentine's Day. There are two theories that have been passed down. Here are both stories in brief:

Bishop Valentine was an avid gardener and gave flowers to all passing lovers from his monastery garden. He also gave plants as gifts to the bridal couples he married without permission.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that a young woman would marry the fellow she saw first on Valentine's Day. Therefore, there was a custom among men to give a bouquet of flowersto their beloved as early as possible in the morning on Valentine's Day.

If you are interested, you can read these stories in detail and tell them to your loved one on Valentine's Day. You can also give the classic red roses as a gift.

To make them special, why not give a vase from the Sonja Quandt collection to go with them? If you are giving a whole bouquet of flowers, the "Noir" vase is particularly suitable. If you only want to give a single flower, the silver-plated "Mary" vaseis particularly suitable. This is a new take on the classic.

  • History: Valentine gives flowers to lovers or a custom from the Middle Ages
  • Flowers and a vase as a new classic

Combination gift

You can also give a beautiful silver plated or silver cup gift. You can serve the prosecco in it or use it as a flower vase. It is a suitable combination gift for all those who do not know exactly what to give away. The beaker "Love" is available in different sizes in the Sonja Quandt Online Shop. You can also use the cup for juice or water. The good thing about the silver beaker is that it has an antibacterial effect and is therefore not a carrier of disease. Whenever the recipient drinks from the cup, he or she will be reminded of your shared love. For a very special highlight, you can have the mug engraved with a few personal words. The main thing is that you don't just give the beaker away, but also find loving words, because words have a stronger power than deeds.

  • Mug with hearts as a proof of love
  • Have personal words engraved

beaker "Love"

So feel free to browse through the Sonja Quandt Online Shop for some gift ideas. I am sure you will find a suitable gift for the person you are giving your love to. If you would like to have your gifts personally engraved, you are welcome to contact the Sonja Quandt team. They will be happy to advise you and provide a precious gift with even more love. I wish you a romantic Valentine's Day!

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