Set the wedding table correctly

Must haves and no goes when setting the wedding table.

The wedding is getting closer and closer and you still do not have the right decoration for your wedding table? Then you should start now. A perfect decoration requires precise planning. We reveal the must haves, how to create an unforgettable atmosphere with them for your celebration and the no goes, which you should not do under any circumstances.

First of all, the location should be clarified. Then, answers to the following questions must be found:
- Will you be celebrating indoors or outdoors?
- Is the location a romantic castle, a rustic castle, a modern ambience or something completely different?
- Is there a wedding moto?
- Are the wedding colors already defined for the rest of the decoration?
- Are there several round tables or a long wedding table?

With these answers, you will have a good starting point to begin your table decorating campaign.

There are 10 general "must haves" that you should keep in mind for any table decoration.

Eingedeckter Platz

  1. Individual elements of the decor should be limited to a maximum of 5 different colors to create a unified look.

  2. Use a maximum of two different sets of porcelain and glasses to create a sense of calm. Here we recommend the glasses from our collection "Avant-garde". The glasses with the hand-painted silver rim offer the advantage that they have an antibacterial effect, so the chance that a guest will catch a cold at your wedding is significantly lower.

  3. Use large and small decorative elements to make it look more lively.

  4. Choose decoration elements that are not too high, so that your guests can look at each other and talk. Exceptions are very high lights. The 5-light candlesticks "Facette" from the Sonja Quandt collection is ideal for every wedding. It is not too tall and with the 5 flames it gives enough light.

  5. Use cloth napkins, these look higher quality and are also environmentally friendly. These you can beautifully silver or silver-plated napkin rings put them in. It works directly elegant and they glitter in the candlelight. Your tables look directly more elegant and the napkin rings shine beautifully in the candlelight.

  6. When choosing flowers, use real bouquets. These add fragrance to the space and also add a natural flair to the decor. In the Sonja Quandt online shop you will find the right vase for every flower.

  7. At each place setting, place the flatware from the outside in: First the hors d'oeuvre cutlery, then the soup spoon, and last the main course cutlery. At the top of the plate place the dessert cutlery, this will look directly inviting to your guests. The place setting becomes something special with silverplated place plates.

  8. Silver cutlery brings your table to shine. Take a look at the Sonja Quandt Online Shop .

  9. Set a few highlights with silver. For example, a candlestick or a bowl of silver on the table, provide a special highlight and a shiny mood.

  10. Set water and wine glasses at each place as a triangle.

The glasses will shine in the candlelight, creating a romantic mood. This looks very inviting and guests will feel welcome.
Generally, you can also combine different style directions. In a very simple and modern decoration, even isolated playful elements can act as a special eye-catcher. For example, place a beautiful playful baroque chandelier "Facette " from the Sonja Quandt Online Shop in the middle. This has a certain height, but does not prevent your guests from having a good time. With its five candles the candlestick gives a lot of warm light and spreads cosiness.

How do I adapt the decoration to the location?
Basically, you should match the table decorations to your location. If you have planned your wedding celebration outside, special arrangements must be made. Especially for a celebration in the summer, for example, you should avoid real candles with fire, as it could be an unnecessary cause of fire. Electric candles offer a nice alternative. Here there is a special highlight: candles with an external remote control. With the push of a button, you can provide romantic light when dusk begins to fall. Another advantage of these candles is that they are not extinguished by wind and thus provide permanent light. In general, you will need significantly more candles for an outdoor party than indoors, as they usually do not have any other light sources. Here, you should make sure to work with lots of small tea lights on the table. You can place these discreetly anywhere on the table. Large candlesticks or Lanterns you can decorate in the middle of the table. A special highlight offers, for example, a candlestick made of antlers with silver elements. The two materials combine nature and bring glamour to your wedding. You can find such a candlestick for example in the Sonja Quandt Onlineshop. With this chandelier is also - as described above - the height to consider. The guests can still have eye contact and have a pleasant conversation. In your planning, you should also make sure that you do not choose any scatter decoration elements that are too light, as they can quickly be blown away by the wind. This also means folding the napkins or putting them through a Napkin ring made of silver, for example, so that they don't blow away. To ensure that your guests can dine in peace and enjoy the party, you should avoid using unwrapped sweets as table decoration elements. This unnecessarily attracts the uninvited guests. Wasps and other insects can quickly become a mood killer. However, you should not do without real flowers here either, as it is especially noticeable in nature if the flowers are fake. This then quickly looks very artificial.

Five "no goes" for outside:

  1. Real candles
  2. Light scattering decoration elements
  3. Placing too few lights
  4. Unwrapped candy as table decor elements
  5. Fake flowers

Adapt the flower decoration to the wedding table


For round tables, avoid square flower arrangements. Instead, place several vases or a round flower arrangement in the middle of the table and scatter elements around. Here, for example, petals, hearts or glitter stones are ideal. An alternative is to use many small vases, which you can also place quite centrally. So that the decoration does not appear too restless, fewer scatter elements should be used here. With this element it is to be paid attention to the fact that they are not scattered too far between the plates. Otherwise, the guest will have the scatter elements hanging on his sleeves or will be unnecessarily poked. For long tables, several large flower arrangements can be decorated in a row. However, it should be ensured that these do not take up too much space on the table. With narrow tables should also rather be resorted to the many small vases. This works more airy and it can still other elements can still be decorated in addition.

With the right atmosphere of the location and your wedding table you create an exuberant mood, good conversations and the guests celebrate until the morning.
The party will be remembered for a long time.

Look forward to your next celebration!

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